all white puppy
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Rothert Siberian Huskies!
Our Guys!
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Our Girls!
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balto looking over pen
Balto peeking over the pen

Balto is an all white male with ice blue eyes. He's about 45lbs. He loves to jump onto his house to be brushed. He's a little shy until he gets to know you. He's an escape artist, so we have to keep a close eye on him.

DOB - 05/19/08

Dog laying in doghouse
This is Kia chilling during the warmth of the day in her doghouse.


Kia is a dark black and white with blue eyes. She's a little bit smaller and stockier than my other girls. She weighs around 35lbs. She has a very calm, laid-back personality. One of her favorite things to do is to lay on the top of her house and check out the world around her.

DOB - 06/03/08



nanook out in the sun

Say hi to NanookMy big, tall boy. He's a black and white male with blue eyes. He loves to hang out with my son!

DOB - 04/26/10




Sadie is an all white with blue eyes. She's my big girl, weighing in at around 50lbs. She's tall and lanky. Sadie is a big sweetheart and loves to be rubbed. She also loves to take a dip in the pond back yonder. I've had Sadie since birth and I've really enjoyed getting to see her grow and change.

DOB - 01/26/08


red and white
Shila saying hi to me

Shila is a red and white cutie with amber colored eyes. She loves playing around with the puppies and will put her paw through the fence to try and play with them. She has longer fur and is quite the character.

DOB - 04/24/09




akira 9 months
Akira in the snow

Akira is a light black and white cutie with blue eyes. She's a huge lover and enjoys jumping. I keep praying that she doesn't jump out of her pen she gets so high! She really enjoys any attention that she can get. Unfortunately for Akira she will not be able to have any more litters. I am retiring her. If you would be interested in adopting her please call me at 217-357-1957 so we can talk.

DOB - 05/02/09

Anje last fall

Anje is our newest member to the family. She's an agouti coloring with blue eyes and a very friendly, people puppy personality. She loves to hang around people. She also gets along with our friendly, local barn cat which is pretty remarkable for a husky. She will be ready by summer or fall.

DOB - 05/13/13